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For Entertainment Directors...
FOUR acts in one!  
Ben Ulin is an experienced entertainer. He provides:  
*A solo comedy magic act  
*A two person comedy illusion show  
*A family oriented magic act  
*A unique blacklight magic show  
Also available:  
*Passenger Magic Class with lecture notes and magic kits for sale.  
*Intimate Children's Magic Show for "Junior Cruisers"  
GLOW! A Very Unique Magic Show  
Ben performs a comedy illusion show at Adventureland Amusement Park in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2011, he created an additional blacklight magic show called GLOW! Performed in pantomime to a mix of music, it is a two person, self-contained show that can work on a 10' by 18' stage for any audience.  
(NOTE: Due to the editing of this clip, the background music is not from the show.)  
Comedy Illusion Show  
The success of Ben's' traditional comedy illusion show at Adventureland has made it the longest running amusement park magic show in history - 25 years! For cruise ships and corporate shows, He combines stand-up comedy magic with two-person illusions to create a great mix of hilarious, glamorous, mysterious, musical, high energy fun. This show may require a stage with wings and/or front curtain.  
Montage of routines from Ben Ulin's comedy illusion act.  
Solo Comedy Magic Show  
Ben finds the "fun" in magic. His solo comedy magic act was born in the comedy clubs throughout the 80's and 90's - even being chosen by Showtime Television as one of the funniest people in the country in 1985. Good, clean fun has been his slogan as he performs an average of 80 corporate shows and special events every year. This is a comedy club style show that can fit on any stage.  
*TIP: Ben also offers his solo show with the Metamorphosis Illusion as a special finale (Requires accomodations for an asssistant and a stage with 10' ceiling).  
Family Magic Show  
Ben has a show that focuses on children volunteers, but his talent for creating funny situations with magic appeals to all ages. This energetic, but friendly style, helped get him hired to host several family-oriented television shows on the Iowa Fox network and Iowa Public Television.  
Why Ben Ulin?  
Real experience. Proven talent. Clean, professional fun.